Here is how GuitarTracker works

The GuitarTracker web app from MusicNomad Equipment Care is an online application to help you keep track and maintain your Guitars, Amps, Pedals & more. You can access this app from any device. You can easily set up your gears' key info (such as serial number, price paid, make/model) and upload photos from your phone, tablet or computer. You can also export all your gear details to excel. We have included a list of tasks that are automatically assigned to your Guitars to get you started. Since Amps and Pedals are very low maintenance there are no pre-assigned tasks. You can be alerted via email when a task such as a Guitar Setup, Humidify Start Date or Restringing is coming up. You can create your own special tasks and have the application alert you when those are due as well. You can view and email yourself or any other interested party a complete history of the care and maintenance of your gear. 

 The main features include:


Managing Tasks

Tasks display in the order that they are due. As tasks become closer to their due date, they move to the top of the list. Once they are past due, they are highligted in red to help you remember to complete the task. You have full control over tasks. You can set the dates when tasks are due and the frequency you wish to perform the task such as Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. You can include notes & key measurements in your tasks and also have the app send you email alerts when tasks are due. Once you have started performing tasks on your instrument, you can view your task history to see all of the tasks you have performed over time.