About Us/FAQ's

Who is behind GuitarTracker?


Who is MusicNomad?
We have two organizations

  1. MusicNomad is a musicians advocate organization (www.MusicNomad.com) that started in 2008. It is a free site that helps thousands of musicians every month navigate the vast music industry by providing vetted resources, tips & articles to help further their career. There is a diverse collection of categories to explore from the largest database of band rehearsal studios to musician health support services. No information about the musicians using our site has been shared with a third party. There is no corporate advertising & the website does not make a profit. It’s a site to help musicians and take nothing from them…an unheard of music business model we are proud to support!
  2. To fund MusicNomad & other non-profits & projects that help support musicians we started MusicNomad Equipment Care in 2010 (www.MusicNomadCare.com) We are the fastest growing line of premium instrument care in the world. It can be found in over 600 US Dealers and 29 countries.  Our products are used in the factory at many high quality instrument makers such as Taylor Guitars, DW Drums, Tom Anderson Guitars, Suhr Guitars, Kala Ukulele, Eastman Strings and a host of others. We have won numerous awards like 2013 NAMM’s Best in Show and Music Inc. Magazine’s Top 20 Music Products voted by dealers in 2013.  A portion of every sale goes back to funding projects that help musicians AND one of our new projects is GuitarTracker.


What is GuitarTracker?

It's the first ever web based app to keep track and maintain your gear. It primarily focuses on Guitars but you can upload info on any instrument from any device (phone, tablet, computer). Some musicians may use it simply as a secure place to keep important info like instrument photos, price paid and serial numbers and others will use it to keep track of everything about their gear such as what strings do I put on each guitar and notes on key measurement info by guitar. See the “how it works” section for more details.


Do people really need this?

Innovations are hard as they try to change the way people have been doing things for years. But to some innovation works. Each month, we talk with 100’s of musicians, repair techs, repair shops and casual players. Each one has various needs to keep track and maintain instruments. Many have no formal way to do this. Some use excel, some just keep a record log book and some don’t have a system other then do as needed.  With a lot of input we developed a simple web based app that can help you easily keep track and maintain your gear. It is very robust and many features may not be used initially but it is there for you if you want. Also, GuitarTracker can be customized by you to meet your specific needs. We even give you the ability to export all your instrument details to a spreadsheet like excel so you have a seperate record of it or if you need to send to an insurance company. 


Why & how is it free?

  1. Because we can
  2. Due to the funding provided by the sale of our MusicNomad Equipment Care products, which gives a portion of it’s proceeds to help musicians.
  3. To thank the thousands of MusicNomad Equipment Care users, who love and use our products, by giving them a free web based tool to care for their instruments.
  4. We are innovators at MusicNomad and like to push the boundaries especially when it comes to equipment care. We saw the need for a technology innovation when it came to keeping track and maintaining your gear so we developed GuitarTracker and didn’t want to charge for it.
  5. We have to tell the truth. We want to sell you our MusicNomad Equipment Care Products, which in turn provides additional funding for projects & non-profit organizations that help musicians. For those that have not heard of MusicNomad, we saw GuitarTracker as a technology innovation that would help introduce you to our organization.


What do you do with the info I put on GuitarTracker?

  1. We don’t share it with third parties
  2. We don’t sell it to people trying to steal expensive instruments.
  3. We try to educate gear owners about the importance of proper maintenance of your gear and give them tools to do that. Something we are passionate about.
  4. We try to learn how you are using the site to develop more useful features.


Do I have to give you a bunch of info about me to sign up?

No just an email and password is all we require. Also when you add your gear only the Make & Model are required fields. All the other info to add is optional to each users needs. 


How do I learn more about your other MusicNomad Organizations?

  1. For our premium & innovative equipment care products found in over 600 US dealers and 27 countries go to www.MusicNomadCare.com
  2. For our musicians advocate organization MusicNomad that since 2008 has been helping thousands of musicians each month go to www.MusicNomad.com


Thanks for checking us out and learning more about us! We hope you use GuitarTracker and if not no hard feelings.